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Grits and Sausage

Juddy Mac is a songwriter / musician currently residing in Daytona Beach, FL. Often referred too as " Traveler" on the West Coast, and "Driver" on the East Coast.

Many of his fans jokingly call his performances "Sightings". Probably because he spends most of his life on the road as a gypsy trucker.

His music varies from Acoustic  Rock to Deep Delta Blues , and he plays it with a simple, undeniable emotional  truth.

Maybe that's why his hardcore fans will tell you it's his lyrics that call them back for more, and they love to sing along with him as he plays the music he writes and loves.

Good Cheer

Carry Me Back

All music and lyrics performed written by Juddy Mac & friends.
 Vocals, Guitar, Bass and Drums performed by Juddy Mac. 
Harmonica featured on select songs performed by Dominic Lyons.

I Belong in Heaven

Love is Dangerous 2.1

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Bayou Breezes

Say Hello

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Perfect Winter Day

Empty Pages

Many Things